Slate Roof Repairs are One of My Specialties - Company Message
Completed Project, 2-10-14: The Morey Residence
The existing shingle roof was in need of replacement. Rather than go over the existing roof with the new metal roof the customer decided to go the Extra mile and Completely remove the old shingle roof, check for and Replace any water damaged sheathing and install GAF Weather Watch Water & Ice Barrier in All Valley areas, around All Penetrations and on All Lower Edges. Grace Tri Flex Underlayment was installed on All remaining exposed sheathing. New 1" x 3" wood strapping had been installed on entire roof and we then installed a Fabral Grand Rib 3 Metal Roof System. 
This Home is on Rt 2 Right across from Dudleys Store in East Montpelier. Feel free to take a drive by and check out my work. The job took a good deal of time to complete but working in sub zero temperatures makes it difficult to complete even the most basic of projects. One morning it was so cold that not even one of the 3 New batteries for my Makita drill would take a charge. They had to be moved to a warm environment to charge. The ambient air temperature that morning was Eighteen Degrees Below Zero !
Installation of valley metal
Just finishing up.

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